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Book A Personal Video Cosplay

Book A Personal Video Cosplay

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 Personal video with Caitlin Christine in cosplay! 

Personal videos are created by Caitlin Christine in a surprise cosplay! Cosplay can be any of the looks shown or 20+ other options! Cosplay will always be a surprise and cannot selected.

Options for Caitlin Christine to talk about in your personal video:

  • Birthdays
  • Just chatting (talking about future projects/what I'm working on)
  • Celebration 
  • Pep Talk

How to order:

  • Select what type of video you would like to purchase
  • In the add special note section, please include your name, email, and anything to add to the video (i.e. your birthday, what you're celebrating, etc) Cosplay will always be a surprise, any request to wear a certain cosplay in the notes section will not be honored. Any requests that are inappropriate will not be honored. Your request will be denied and order may be cancelled. 
  • If you don't write your name or email in the notes section, the video will be created around information included in the customer info

Processing times:

Videos will be delivered to your email within 2 weeks from purchase date

How to receive your video:

Please provide an email when checking out your order 

This will be the ONLY way to get the video to you!


If there is anything wrong with your order, please use the contact form for help

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